Ahoy Maties – No Pirates Be on These Used Boats for Sale by Owner on Trade Express Online

If you got caught up in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” craze, bought a boat, dreadlocked your beard and now regret that rarely-used boat of which you made yourself “captain” (or you just need some extra spending cash), there is no easier and faster way to sell your Used Boat than with Trade Express and � reaching 200,000 potential seadogs and scalawags. Not a “Three-Hour Tour,” but a Three-Minute Process… 1.) Pick a Package (and just like with Ginger or Mary Ann, you can’t lose)! The free online option, the enhanced online option, or the enhanced online and print options. What you spend and who sees your ad is up to you! 2.) Create Your Ad (Quicker than the Professor could fashion a Ham radio out of a coconut)! Easy-to-use ad creation features give you the edge when advertising online. Describe your Boat eloquently and upload photos for what words couldn’t say. 3.) Preview and Confirm (and you’ll be making money like the Millionaire)! Proofread your ad and, once perfect, confirm and post! Within the day, you will reach thousands of online buyers. It’s so easy, not even Gilligan himself could mess it up! Arrrrrrrrrrr � and It’s Free, Too! That’s right, Matey! Free! Posting your ad online costs you absolutely nothing and with the free professional ad creation page, in no time someone else will be sailing away in your motorboat, putting clams in your pocket. Like the freedom out on the open waves, Trade Express grants you the ability to choose how much or how little you want to spend and where you want to target your ad! Log on today and send your boat out to sea! Land Ho! Sell Your Boat Within 3 Weeks of Advertising! Confused about whether this is about Pirates or Gilligan’s Island? It doesn’t matter! Upgrade your ad to the enhanced online ad and increase the amount of photos and words in the description, increasing your Ad’s efficiency and exposure. Or, upgrade to a print publication and instantly get your Used Boat onto 3,000 newsstands (on land) across Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Luis Obispo Counties � and into 200,000 seafaring hands. Up, Down, Starboard, and Port � Your Ad can’t miss! Looking to Buy or Sell? You can find a variety of used vehicles in all 3 publications of Trade Express Magazine and , including autos, pickup trucks, SUVs, vans, commercial vehicles, boats, RVs, motorcycles, classics and sports vehicles. Wanting to accessories the car or garage? Check out the Marketplace category for a broad selection of items. Trade Express & Trade Express Magazine 2950 Johnson Drive, Suite 105 Ventura, CA. 93003 800-400-8338 editor@

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